While some patients can be adequately cared for at home, others are best served by care in a hospital.

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I think that these cases, both of them, indicate và speak khổng lồ the police department"s inability lớn adequately police itself.
Each case & retirement plan is different, và there are way too many possibilities to lớn cover them adequately here.
When faced with questions like these, students often must write about their race or ethnicity khổng lồ respond adequately.
The lawsuit alleged that the thành phố failed lớn adequately train & supervise its officers concerning constitutional limitations & handcuff use.
So the tribe"s legal stance -- that they were not adequately consulted, that there are potential water issues here -- their legal concerns are strong.
If a handful of workers can"t adequately show that they represent a "class" of thousands, the certification fails và the case essentially dies.
He filed a complaint last year & his case remains unsolved, in part, he says, because detectives didn"t follow up adequately.
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