a common thread

an idea or theme that is similar to others There"s a common thread in most of Berton"s stories.

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common In addition lớn the idioms beginning with common, also see in common. * * * - common cause - common ground - common touch, the

common as an old shoe|common|old shoe|shoe

adj. Phr., informal Not showing off; not vain; modest; friendly lớn all. Although Mr. Jones ran a large business, he was common as an old shoe. The most famous people are sometimes as common as an old shoe.

common as muck

very common, usually applied khổng lồ an unsophisticated and uncultured person

common cause

common cause
A joint interest, as in “The common cause against the enemies of piety” (from John Dryden"s poem, Religio laici, or a Layman"s Faith, 1682). This term originated as lớn make common cause (with), meaning “to unite one"s interest with another"s.” In the mid-1900s the name Common Cause was adopted by a liberal lobbying group.

common ground

shared beliefs or interests There was little common ground between the two sides và the negotiations for the new machinery did not go well.

common ground|common|ground

n. Shared beliefs, interests, or ways of understanding; ways in which people are alike. Bob và Frank don"t like each other because they have no common ground. The only common ground between us is that we went to lớn the same school. Compare: IN COMMON.

common or garden

ordinary, plain

common sense

"the ability to lớn make logical decisions; horse sense" It is because she has common sense that we ask her opinion.

common touch, the

common touch, the The ability to lớn appeal khổng lồ the ordinary person"s sensibilities & interests. For example, The governor is an effective state leader who also happens to have the common touch. This phrase employs common in the sense of “everyday” or “ordinary.”

common touch|common|touch

n. The ability to lớn be a friend of the people; friendly manner with everyone. Voters like a candidate who has the common touch.


the Commonwealth 1) the government in England under the Cromwells và Parliament from 1649 khổng lồ 1660 2) association of independent nations (53 in September, 2004), all former components of the British Empire, united for purposes of consultation and mutual assistance: all members acknowledge the British sovereign as symbolic head of the association in full the Commonwealth of Nations

have in common

have in common see in common.

have sth in common

Idiom(s): have sth in common (with sb or sth)
Theme: SIMILARITY khổng lồ resemble one another in specific ways.• Bill and Boh both have red hair. They have that in common with each other.• Boh & Mary have a lot in common. I can see why they lượt thích each other.

in common

shared together or equally, in use or ownership by all We had lớn use the bathroom in common with the other people in the house.

in common with

in the same way as;like相同;相 似He believed,in common with the majority,that it was true.他同多 数人一样,认为那是真的。They have nothing in common with each other.他们之间毫无共同之 处。

in common|common

adv. Phr. Shared together or equally; in use or ownership by all. Mr. And Mrs. Smith own the store in common. The four boys grew up together và have a lot in common. The swimming pool is used in common by all the children in the neighborhood. Compare: COMMON GROUND.

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The common weal

If something is done for the common weal, it is done in the interests & for the benefit of the majority or the general public.

have (something) in common (with someone or something)

To share characteristics, interests, opinions, etc. With someone or something. Well, we have one thing in common: we both hate asparagus! The car has a lot in common with the more expensive model, but it does not have an advanced audio system.Learn more: common, have, someone

have something in ˈcommon (with somebody/something)

have the same interests, characteristics or experience as somebody: Come & meet my sister. I’m sure you two have got a lot in common. ♢ I have nothing in common with Mark, so I find it quite difficult to talk khổng lồ him.Learn more: common, have, somethingLearn more:
ArrayThat is the way the cookie crumbles That ship has sailed The táo khuyết does not fall far from the tree The be all & end all The bigger they are, the harder they fall The common weal The grass is always greener The line forms on the right The Mountie always gets his man The penny dropped The rough & tumble The sands of time have someone dead to rights have someone eating out of your hand have someone for breakfast have someone in the palm of your hand have someone in your sights have someone on a string have someone on the run have someone on toast have someone or something down as have someone or something taped have someone over a barrel have someone pegged have someone's ass in a sling have someone's ear have someone's guts for garters have someone's number have someone's number on it have something against have something at your feet have something at your fingertips have something by the ears have something cinched have something coming out of your ears have something down lớn a fine art have something going (with someone) have something in common have something in your sights have something off pat have something on have something on good authority have something on somebody have something on the ball have something on the brain have something on the go have something on your mind have something on your side have something to eat have something lớn offer have something to prove have something to say for yourself have something lớn your credit have something to lớn your name have something up your sleeve have something, nothing, etc. Lớn say for yourself have something, nothing, little, etc. To lớn show for something have something/a lot on the ball have something/anything to lớn say for (oneself) have speeds of (some amount) have sporting blood have square eyes have stardust in (one's) eyes
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