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Mickey Mantle was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He played for the new york Yankees in their years of glory. From the time Mantle began to play professionally in 1951 lớn his last year in 1968, baseball was the most popular game in the United States. For many people, Mantle symbolized the hope, prosperity, & confidence of America at that time.Mantle was a fast & powerful player, a “switch-hitter” who could bat both right-handed & left-handed. He won game after game, one World Series championship after another, for his team. He was a wonderful athlete, but this alone cannot explain America’s fascination with him. Perhaps it was because he was a handsome, red-haired country boy, the son of a poor miner from Oklahoma. His career, from the lead mines of the West lớn the heights of success và fame, was a fairy-tale version of the American dream. Or perhaps it was because America always loves a “natural”: a person who wins without seeming khổng lồ try, whose talent appears khổng lồ come from an inner grace. That was Mickey Mantle. But like many celebrities, Mickey Mantle had a private life that was full of problems. He played without complaint despite constant pain from injuries. He lived to fulfill his father’s dreams and drank to forget his father’s early death. It was a terrible addiction that finally destroyed his body. It gave him cirrhosis of the liver & accelerated the advance of liver cancer. Even when Mickey Mantle had turned away from his old life & warned young people not to follow his example, the destructive process could not be stopped. Despite a liver transplant operation that had all those who loved & admired him hoping for a recovery, Mickey Mantle died of cancer at the age of 63.


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A. Mickey Mantle as the greatest baseball player of all time