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Since this method of evaluating the receptive-field center sizes is significantly different from ours, these results is not straightforwardly comparable to ours.
to reduce the risk of error of measurement due to undetected eye movements, we preferentially sampled cells with receptive field outside the area centralis.
Increasing the kích cỡ of a spot within the receptive-field center of the relay cell will thus result both in enhanced excitatory và inhibitory input.
The "second-stage filter" has a larger receptive field than the "first-stage filters," & sums the nonlinearly transformed outputs of the first-stage filters.
Another resistance that contributes to lớn the horizontal cell receptive field is the coupling resistance between cells.
Thus, resistance changes in the horizontal cell syncytium probably underlie the dynamic changes in the horizontal cell receptive field.
The spatial phase of surround stimuli was the same as the stimulus on the classical receptive field.
A hand-held, 1-cm square black flag was used to lớn explore the multiunit visual responses & determine the center of their receptive fields.
The collective results suggest that neural populations, rather than the individual cell, determine the spatial proper ties of its receptive field.
Overlapping receptive fields with different spatial-frequency sensitivities may be essential for "normalizing" ambiguous ganglion cell responses across luminance change.
Fine structure of parvocellular receptive fields in the primate fovea revealed by laze interferometry.
A small kiểm tra flash was first used lớn center the stimulus over the receptive field by manually moving it khổng lồ elicit a maximum response.
The form size of the horizontal cell receptive fields adapts khổng lồ the stimulus in the light adapted goldfish retina.
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