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The weekends are a time for families in Britain. Often the parents are not at work having worked a five day week from Monday khổng lồ Friday. Saturdays are a busy time for shops with many families going shopping.


Sundays used khổng lồ be a very special day of the week in Britain. It was the one day of the week for "worship & rest". The shops were closed & most people were at home or at church. Popular leisure activities on Sunday used to be going to church and doing odd jobs around the home such as gardening và DIY.

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Until a few years ago shops were not permitted to open on a Sunday. Sundays today are becoming lượt thích any other day other week with shops open. Some families will now spend their time shopping rather than going khổng lồ church or they will combine the two activities.

Britain is becoming a far less Christian country with fewer people regularly attending Church.Many Christian"s believe that Sunday should be kept special, as a time given to worshipping God. They think it is important for Christians khổng lồ meet together, listen khổng lồ readings from the Bible and celebrate Holy Communion. Others believe that it is important that families have time to lớn be together. (The shopping hours on a Sunday are less than on any other day of the week.)

How vày people spend their free time?

People enjoy various indoor và outdoor activities in Britain.

An euro stat survey, the EU"s statistical office, discovered that people in Britain spend about 45% of their miễn phí time watching television, 24% of their free time socializing, 22-23% on sport and hobbies, và 10% on other activities. Other popular leisure activities are listening khổng lồ the radio, listening to lớn pre-recorded music, reading, DIY, gardening, eating out và going to the cinema.


The most common leisure activity in the UK is watching television. The average viewing time is 25 hours per person per week. Almost all households have at least one television set. The proportion of households using satellite, cable or digital television was 44 per cent in 2002. Many television programmes are about wildlife, animals, holidays, cooking and gardening. All these things are much cherished by British people. What television programmes vị British people watch?


People in Britain listen to lớn an average 15 hours và 50 minutes of radio each week. The only radio I listen to lớn is the vị trí cao nhất 40. I like to find out who is number one in the pop charts each week.

" My parents listen lớn the radio in the mornings and when we are having our evening meal."

Digital Devices

In 2005/06, 88 per cent of UK households had a CD player and 79 per cent a mobile phone. In April lớn June 2006, 26 per cent of people aged 15 and over owned an MP3 player.

In January to April 2006, 56 per cent of households in Great Britain had a desktop computer, 30 per cent had a portable or máy tính computer, and 7 per cent had a handheld computer.



The second most popular activity in Britain is visiting or entertaining friends or relations.

"Mum and Dad go out and visit friends at least once a week. Sometime me & my brother go too. Every Wednesday after school James & I go khổng lồ see our gran."

Cinema (Movie house)

Britons made 123 million visits to the cinema in 1998 making it the most popular cultural activity in the UK.

"I like to go lớn the cinema with my friends at the weekend whenever there is a good movie on."

Eating out

Eating out has grown in popularity, with British people spending in 1999 an average of £5.63 per person per week on food (excluding alcohol) outside the home.

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"We go to McDonalds at least once a week. Sometimes we have a pizza delivered khổng lồ our house. Occasionally we will go khổng lồ a restaurant."

Homes and Gardens


The British are known as a nation of gardeners. Most people have a garden on their property. Gardening has been a popular pastime since Roman times.Many people in Britain are proud of their houses and gardens. They want their houses và gardens khổng lồ look nice. Every town in Britain has one or more DIY (Do it Yourself) centres and garden centres. These are lượt thích supermarkets for the trang chủ and garden. These places are very popular with British home-owners at the weekends.

"We don"t have a big garden lượt thích some people. Dad likes lớn mow the lawn. Sometimes I help him. Mum looks after the flowers. She weeds the garden so that the garden looks good. I am growing some vegetables in my garden."

Activities outside the home

Saturday is traditionally the day for shopping and watching sports.

Retail Therapy (Shopping)


A newspaper survey found that đôi mươi per cent of women are compulsive shoppers. Saturday is the main day when we go shopping. Sometimes we will go into town after school.

Sports and Physical Recreation


Sports and physical recreation have always been popular. Local governments provide cheap sport and leisure facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, parks & golf courses. People go to watch other people play sports lượt thích football or take part in sports themselves. Read more about the different sports we play

Pubs (Public Houses)


Going khổng lồ the pub is the most popular leisure activity outside the home. Read more about pubs ....